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 * The [[https://wiki.libav.org/Sprint/201506|fourth coding sprint]] will be in Stockholm in June 2015 (8 participants so far)  * The [[https://wiki.libav.org/Sprint/201506|fourth coding sprint]] will be in Stockholm in June 2015 with 9 participants

Libav developers and contributors try to meet in person at least once per season. Such meetings are called sprint.

Internet helps a lot in linking people together but at the same time incomprehension can arise and cultural differences can make people deliver their message too loud or too faint than intended.

From the past experience meeting in person helps speeding up discussions and improve the understanding of each other.

Sprint organization

At least few volunteers are needed to make sure that there is a location available, figure out the minimum and maximum number of participant can be hosted and hopefully find local sponsors.

A sprint should be set and organized at least 2 months in advance to make the logistics less problematic.

Checklist for the organizers

  • Location
    • Reachability: "How can we get everybody there?" Prepare directions and maps
    • Dev room: "Do we have tables with sockets large enough?"
    • Lodging: "Hotels or Tent?" Make sure everybody has a place to sleep.
  • Logistics
    • Food: "Everybody can find something that can eat?" Allergies and dislikes need to be accounted for
    • Connectivity: "A Sprint could be unplugged, but is better not"

  • Sponsorship
    • Always ask if local companies could offer devrooms and if the hotel or restaurant might offer a discount. Surprisingly works sometimes.
  • Event Timeline: Should be clear what will be done when.

Checklist for the participants

  • Power adapters: "The beauty of standards is that you can pick one different from each other" check that you have an adapter.
  • Laptop: "Do not forget it around".
  • Open mind: "People and food can be strange", even more in a different country.
  • Ideas: "We are here to have food and drink together, and incidentally write beautiful code", without ideas the first two might still be done the latter not so much.

Past and current events