Fourth Libav coding sprint

The fourth installment of this event is mainly to present the changes happening in Libav 12, with the introduction of a new encoding/decoding API, and a presentation on the lavf/lavc decoupling.


  • Luca Barbato
  • Anton Khirnov
  • Vittorio Giovara
  • Kostya Shishkov
  • Benjamin Larsson
  • Janne Grunau
  • Jan Ekström
  • Rémi Denis-Courmont
  • Andreas Öman

The main presentations will take place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, allowing participants to arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon the next day. Hacking sessions will take place for people already at the venue. On Monday morning there will be a small social event, most likely featuring a brief tour of the city.


The sprint will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from 2015-06-27 to 2015-06-29.

Many thanks to our sponsors South Pole and Inteno Broadband Technology for hosting this event (and feeding its participants).

Getting here

South Pole headquarters are located in Anderstorpsvägen 16, Solna.

Stockholm is easy to reach with 4 airport that serve continental and international flights. The closest airport is Bromma (BMA), and all the others (Arlanda, Skavska, and Vasteras) are well connected to the city center, from where the venue is easy to reach.


Area is well served with quite a few hotels. In particular the following are very close and not terribly expensive

Alternatively, Airbnb has interesting offers too.

The restaurant in which dinner will take place is Texas Longhorn, which is a steakhouse located in the city center. Depending on your stay, a 72hours travelcard might be convenient.

Technical topics


Note: times might vary.

Day 1

* 19.00 - Dinner

Day 2

Day 3