Coding Sprint

The first Libav sprint had been about h264 and mvc support, it lead to a refactor of the h264 codebase and a partial patchset to provide multi view support.


The Sprint had been hosted at Vittorio's house

Borgodoro sponsored snacks.

Being the event had 2 two local volunteers:

  • Luca Barbato
  • Vittorio Giovara

Remote help provided by

  • Janne Grunau


The work had been split in multiple days with 1/2 day meetings to fit the participant schedule.


The initial h264 codebase was mostly laid on a single h264.c file with strong entanglement between the different part of the NAL decoding and the actual slice decoding, making a bit harder to add the additional NALs support. The code had been refactored in multiple files making easier progress to the further steps.

Parsing support

Implemented across 2 days, consists mostly in nal-splitting at the correct boundary.

Additional NAL support

A new file to implement the mvc-specific support had been added, one of the main constraint had been trying to make so mvc support could be compiled out and have close to no impact on normal h264 decoding.

Slice decoding

The actual MVC data requires to access an extended reference list, this part had been left pending for now.