Libav Release Checklist

Major Releases

Major releases contain the result of a whole development cycle, new features get introduced, old code gets removed and incompatible changes may happen.

Ideally it should happen at least once per season.

Even major release may break API compatibility with a previous release, Odd releases must retain backwards compatibility with the previous code. That means that incompatible ABI changes could happen every release, but moving from Even to Odd would just require a rebuild of the software using the new headers and libraries.

  • Longer delays in breaking compatibility could happen, but should not be taken for granted.




Point Releases

Point releases contain only bugfixes. No behavioural changes are to be expected and applications leveraging Libav should not require changes to keep working.

Point releases live within a ReleaseBranch, all the changes are backported from the MasterBranch, they can happen monthly on average.


git log --oneline <previous release tag>.. | tail -r | cut -d ' ' -f 2- | sed 's/^/ - /'


How to roll tarballs

git tag -a -m"$(cat RELEASE) release" "v$(cat RELEASE)"

and install the tarballs manually to