MacOSX is the second favourite development environment for Libav.

The tools required to build Libav are normally provided by Xcode with the exception of yasm.

nasm is known to not support targeting 64 bit MacOSX (macho64), please make sure yasm is installed.

Instructions regarding iOS support moved in a stand-alone page.

Installing tools

Homebrew provides yasm and gcc and clang version sporting additional compiler specific instrumentations that might be missing from the standard XCode distribution.

# brew install yasm

Is the suggested way to get a working assembler.

Stand alone

The normal ./configure && make would work just fine.

Ports-like system

Third party ports systems make simpler to get libav installed.


Everything required is available out of box.

# brew install libav

Gentoo Prefix

Everything required is available out of box including libav from git using:

 # emerge =libav-9999