The Oracle will tell you your FATE ...

The libav FATE sandbox: Oracle

Libav uses the FATE system for continuous integration testing, which helps catch regressions in code pushed to the master repository. However, in many cases it is useful to receive reports of regressions before pushing to the master repository and/or receive build and test reports for platforms that are not available to a developer. This is the purpose of the Oracle instance of the FATE system. It is backed by a sandbox Git repository and has a subset of all the FATE instances backing and delivering reports to it. While it is not as complete as the full FATE system, it provides a sensible subset that covers the most important platforms and CPU architectures.

Using Oracle

The Git repository is at

Clone that repository or add another remote to your local repository.

There is a GitWeb interface to inspect the Oracle repository online.

Any code pushed to the Oracle repository it will be processed by the Oracle FATE instances.

Note that the Oracle repository accepts non-fast-forward pushes (i.e. "git push -f") as it is designed to deal with throwaway code and experiments. In practice, you will have to force-push most of the time.

Also note that there is no queuing of pushes. If the last commit to Oracle is younger than 48 hours, coordinate with your fellow developers to avoid stepping on each others' toes.