The lifeblood of any opensource project is its code and documentation.

Sending patches keeps the project alive more than any other contribution.

Submitting Patches

Libav has a well defined coding style and leverages Git and has a specific workflow.

Please make the patch as small as possible while still keeping it as a logical unit that contains an individual change, even if it spans multiple files. This makes reviewing your patches much easier for us and makes easier to apply at least some parts of your patches sooner than the most complex ones.

Use the patcheck tool of Libav to check your patch. The tool is located in the tools directory.

Run the Regression Tests before submitting a patch in order to verify it does not cause unexpected problems.

Patches should be posted to the libav-devel mailing list. Please format the patch according to our best practices and possibly use git send-email to send them; if you cannot, then send patches as base64-encoded attachments, so your patch is not mangled during transmission.

Your patch will be reviewed on the mailing list. You will likely be asked to make some changes and are expected to send in an improved version that incorporates the requests from the review. This process may go through several iterations. Once your patch is deemed good enough, it will be committed to the official Libav tree.

Give us a few days to react. But if some time passes without reaction, send a reminder by email. Your patch should eventually be dealt with.